Dr. Laxmikant S. Doshi Awards

Dr. Doshi awards were started in memory of late Pandit Dr. Laxmikant S. Doshi and are specifically aimed at students and artists for outstanding success and contribution to Indian Classical Music. In India, the awards are given to students of Sangeet Nrutya Natya Bharti (Where Dr. Doshi served for 45 years and retired as a Principal and Director) who come first in Visharad (6 years of study) and Alankaar (8 years of study). The awards are given in four categories Sitar, Tabla, Voice & Kathak. In USA the awards are given for outstanding  student success and also for their contribution in taking this art form forward. Our Guru's legacy include performance and education (passing it on) All these criteria are considered before awarding a trophy, certificate and cash prize. One of the main intention for the award function is to provide students a stage and opportunity to perform in front of invited audience. No donations are accepted and the function / prizes are funded entirely by Dr. Doshi's family. The award recipients are expected to be present during the ceremony. Generally award function is held between January to April every year. 

2018 Award Winners

USA Award Recipient

Ali Sekandari (Tabla)

Award Recipients in India

1. Khushali K Mankad Sangeet Alankar (Vocal)

2. Pratiksha M. Mankad Sangeet Visharad (Vocal)

3. Anshu H Parmar Sangeet Visharad (Tabla)

4. Urvi M. Joshi Sangeet  Visharad (Kathak) 

2017 Award Winners

USA Award Recipients

Sumana Ramayanam (Sitar)

Award Recipients in India

1. Richa P. Thakar (Vocal)

2. Harshal S. Bhatt (Tabla)

3. Shweta Y. Dhamecha (Kathak)

4. Tejas M. Trivedi (Vocal)

5. Namrata B. Pathak (Sitar)

6. Chetna C. Bhatt (Kathak)   

2016 Award Winners

Pallavi M. Mehta

Award Recipients in India

1. Ishita P. Umrania (Vocal)

2. Shubham R. Vyas (Tabla)

3. Khushali K. Mankad (Vocal)

4. Priyanshi A. Rathod (Kathak)

2015 Award Winners

USA Award Recipients :

1. Colin Allured (Sarod)
2. Dr. Molishree Joshi (Sitar)
3. Richard Coley (Sitar)

Award Recipients in India
1. Ms. Shukla Priyanka Sangeet Alankar (Vocal)
2. Ms. Sanja Pooja Sangeet Alankar (Kathak)
3. Ms. Dave Khushboo Sangeet Visharad (Vocal)
4. Mr. Shahmadar Shakeelahemad Sangeet Vishard (Tabla)
5. Ms. Dhamecha Shweta Sangeet Visharad (Kathak)

2014 Award Winners

USA Award Recipients:

1. Jim Robertson (Sarod)
2. Rajen Sukhadia (Tabla)

Award Recipients in India

1. Mehta Nirav (Sitar)
2. Belim Sameer (Tabla)
3. Shukla Aditya (Vocal)
4. Vyas Shubham (Tabla)

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